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The following are

mandatory. They are a compilation of Federal, State, County and insurance rules, regulations and laws. It is your responsibility to ensure that your group complies.

Programs, dates, times, prices are ALL subject to change at anytime, without notice.

We reserve the right to refuse anyone access to our animals or programs, without reason.

Some programs require only a non-refundable deposit in order to secure/make a reservation.  Balance due upon arrival.  Cash - No checks.

Pricing Algorithm: expense of Federal & State facility requirements to allow "civilians" on-site + inside wildlife habitats + allow direct contact with wildlife + insurance for each of the foregoing components + cost of complete facility wide staffing to allow "civilians" to do all of the foregoing.  Basically, it's EXPENSIVE to allow civilians to walk on-site and then enter a habitat and THEN have direct physical contact with wildlife!!!!!!

Refunds, cancellations, rescheduling: No refunds. You can log into your booking account and reschedule up to 7 days before your visit. You can also "gift" or "transfer" your tickets to another party (we need advance notice so we can change our release of liability records).

Every guest visitor must be accompanied by a completed Release of Liability form (which will arrive as a link in your Booking  Confirmation email).

Well-fitting, closed-toed footwear that can withstand stepping in water, mud, poop and a germicide is MANDATORY.

PROTECTIVE CLOTHING, long sleeves, long pants and closed-toed shoes are MANDATORY year-around!!!

EVERYONE must remain seated / still and quiet while wildlife is present.

Refer to individual programs for additional age, height, weight requirements.

Minors and mentally disabled must be accompanied by a participating adult parent or legal guardian and under the STRICT and DIRECT CONTROL of said parent/ legal guardian at all times. 

Pregnant visitors will only be allowed highly limited interactions with select species of animals, many species will be entirely off limits.

Visitors with allergies, cold, flu or other illness symptoms of any kind can not participate in primate encounters.

Visitors with allergies to nuts of any kind, fish, shellfish, seafood, etc., wheat/gluten, soy, will not be permitted access to many species of animals.

Programs begin with a MANDATORY Safety Orientation. Don't be late.

No videoing permitted.

Encounters held INSIDE species habitats are not handicap accessible.

Guests must arrive smoke/odor free.

Any and all cuts, scratches and abrasions MUST be covered.

No smoking!!!

No food or drinks in animal areas.

Zookeepers oversee ALL guest feedings of animals.

Do NOT pick up any animals. This includes the domestic dogs/cats.

Only pet animals as specifically instructed - otherwise DON'T TOUCH

No personal pets on facility grounds, this includes our parking area.

Gates open approx 10-15 minutes before your program/party/tour

encounter begins.

Park and stay in your car until a Staff person comes to check you in and gives you further instructions.

Viewing Only means - "viewing only" - we simply would rather people that just want to "look" go to a "for public entertainment" "zoo."  We like keeping our very limited spaces open for people that are coming to support our Mission and learn.

Select few encounters offer a "Viewing Only Companion" option, but most do not.  There simply is not enough space inside the enclosed habitat for non-participating guests, plus the animals simply do not know who is participating and who is not.

Given many factors, there is no way for your "friend" to "just stand outside and take pictures" as the habitats are either HUGE, enclosed, or "lurkers" are a serious distraction for the wildlife.

Our staff is more than happy to take some pictures of you with the animals, with your camera.  Just ask!

Restroom facilities are "Honey Bucket" style.

Hand washing station is a portable outdoor unit with soap, water, towels and hand sanitizer.

DRESS APPROPRIATELY you will be jumped on by the free-ranging sheep, goats, dogs, etc -- if you find these over eager behaviors off-putting, then we are most definitely NOT the conservation center you should be visiting.

You should expect wind, rain, snow, slush, mud and muck and all sorts of slippery and uneven terrains to be traversed - there will be poop on the grounds from free-ranging animals.

Yes, ALL animals can and will bite, including the humans!

Parking on our grounds is at your own risk.



We are NOT a "for public entertainment" "zoo."

Visitations are by reservation only


We take a maximum of 16 visitors per day a couple days per week


A select few encounters offer a "Viewing Only Companion" option, but logistically some cannot.



Programing is SEASONAL, and changes based on our projects,

which limits how far out we can take reservations.


Click on link to read detailed description and rules of engagement for each program



Wolf Encounter, Feed the Sloth Bears, Meet the Fishing Cat

$149.99 per person

$19.99 per Viewing Companion (limited to 1)

May 1 - Sept 15

Saturdays 10am



Lemurs & More

$149.99 per person

$19.99 per Viewing Companion (limited to 1)

May 1 - Sept 15

Saturdays 12p



Penguin Immersion & Creature Feature

$149.99 per person

$19.99 per Viewing Companion (limited to 1)

June 1 - Sept 15

Saturdays 3pm



Feed & Pet the Sloth Colony & Creature Feature

$149.99 per person

Feed & Pet Viewing Companion - the sloth house cannot provide for such

May 1 - Sept 15

Saturdays & Sundays 4pm


Combo Immersion (Wolf Encounter, Feed the Sloth Bears, Meet the Fishing Cat, Lemurs & More, Penguin Immersion, Mini Creature Feature, Feed & Pet the Sloths)

$449.99 per person

$39.99 per Viewing Companion (limited to 1) (NO sloth viewing available)

June 1 - Sept 5

Saturdays 10a



Camp with the Sloths (Being offered on a trial basis)

$399.99 per person (limited to 2 people in the same group per session)

Email to arrange date

8p - 7a



Camp with the Wolf Ambassadors (Being offered on a trial basis)

$399.99 per person

May 31, June 28,

July 26, Aug 23